I have freelanced on and off since 2006, providing writing, editing and content strategy services in Vancouver to digital and design agencies, as well as direct to organizations. These days, I’m particularly interested in digital copywriting and content strategy, content marketing, and brand storytelling.

A slightly meandering and totally unplanned career has taken me from journalism to publishing to marketing to copywriting. By a happy twist of fate the skills, instincts and experience gained in these areas are proving very useful in today’s content marketing and digital storytelling environment.

Even my BA degree in Publishing and Anthropology might prove handier than I anticipated; according to an article in AdWeek your content person should be “part journalist, part marketer and part anthropologist”.

Other stuff

I’m very interested in creative non-fiction, and have a couple of publishing projects on the go that hopefully one day might see the light of day. I’m also usually working away on some side projects or other. Below are a few examples: