Writing chops

Why hire an experienced writer? As they say: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”. The good news is I charge fair rates. The even better news is my experience means I can dig out your most compelling stories and tell them in a way that informs, engages and inspires action – while staying mindful of the overall communications strategy. From a one-line slogan to a 400-word article to a 1,000-page website to an entire content strategy, I’ve got the grey hairs to back up the resume.

Speaks web

I wrote my first web copy in 2001, and had to take into account strange new things like ‘navigation’ and ‘clicks’ and ‘keywords’ without really knowing what I was doing. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but when you consider Google only launched in 1998 that’s a long time in web years. No-one skyped back then and only birds tweeted. Being steeped in web content over such a long period means I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

Puts content first

With print, there’s no question that content comes first. However, it hasn’t always been that way with the web. I’ve been a working web writer since around 2002 – through changes to search engines, Web 2.0 innovations, online applications, social media and now mobile content. Each new development creates fresh challenges and opportunities for content creators, but one thing stays the same – content should always come first.

Focuses on the reader

Before a single word gets put on paper, I get to know your business, environment and audience. It would be rude not to. I have experience coming up with personas or working with information architects and UX specialists to make the web content contribute to the overall visitor experience.

Not afraid of long copy

Some copywriters only deal in slogans and visual puns. Not me. I like puns and clever wordplay as much as the next person, but a background in journalism means I can take on feature and news writing, digital storytelling, ebooks, annual reports, profiles, success stories and other longer and more in-depth content.

Good value

My experience with freelancing has taught me three things: (1) freelancing is no path to riches; (2) working with good clients on interesting projects is extremely rewarding; and (3) if there is soccer on TV in the afternoon I won’t get any work done. I charge reasonable rates for a very professional job, and try to use my experience to bring as much extra value as possible to projects.