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“A writer is working when he’s staring out of the window.” So said someone called Burton Rascoe. I’ve been staring out of windows for 20+ years now.



Senior writer

I’m a senior writer and content professional who can bring years of experience in several disciplines to your projects: 

  • Copywriting for web and print (15+ years)
  • Writing for content marketing (15+ years)

  • Direct, email and conversion copywriting (5+ years)
  • Editorial management (5+ years)

Web content strategist

Core editorial skills gained as a Managing Editor for customer magazines published by banks, retailers, universities and others now come in very handy when helping clients plan and deliver content for websites. I have around 10+ years as a web content strategist, covering:

  • Website content planning (including information architecture)
  • Content design, delivery and governance

Writing instructor

I developed an online course, Writing for Content Marketing, for UBC Extended Learning, and have been teaching the course for several years. It breaks down content writing into the key areas to focus on, including Voice and Story.

I also now teach Introduction to Copywriting online for UBC and am developing courses on Web Content Strategy and Web Writing.


Professional bio

I have freelanced for 8+ years, providing writing, editing and content strategy services in Vancouver to digital and design agencies, as well as direct to organizations.

My career in content has taken me from journalism to publishing to marketing to copywriting. Luckily, the skills, instincts and experience gained in these areas are proving very useful in today’s content-first environment.




Other writing

I’m very interested in creative non-fiction, and have a couple of publishing projects on the go that hopefully might see the light of day (working titles below). In the meantime, The Complete Residents’ Guide to Vancouver (co-author) is the only proper book I can show my kids.

  • On the Road to Gopherville: A coast-to-coast road trip along the world’s 2nd longest national highway in search of Canada’s interesting bits
  • The Strange Tale of the Submariner, Rima’s Sticks, and Pyjama Man: The madcap story of how one of world football’s oddest owners ran amok at one of its oldest clubs


Need writing and content strategy support?

Get in touch any time for more info about my experience, availability and rates. I’m always happy to chat informally about your next project, and provide a quote and thoughts on approach.  |  604.842.8979